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Our merino’s UPF 45-50+ rating keeps the sun at bay and never wears off.



Merino wool wicks 25% more moisture away from your skin than synthetics to help evaporate your sweat and keep you cool.


Merino wool also allows more moisture vapor to pass through its fibers than synthetics fabrics so you can cool down faster after climbing that mountain.


Our merino wool fabrics’ UPF 45-50+ rating blocks most of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays from reaching your skin for all day protection and coolness.

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Merino Wool Kerchiefs

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The Ultimate in Versatility and Comfort

100+ ways to use and wear

I am never without my kerchief when traveling and hiking. It is the best product I have found for both sun and cold protection, and I’ve also used it as a blanket, pillow, towel, shirt, and bag. Can’t imagine what I’d ever do without it now. From Mt. Whitney to the Alps, this kerchief is by far my favorite hiking partner!
— Julia W.
#1 thing I own for the outdoors now. It’s huge, so plenty of room to cover & provide insulation. Many ways to wear it, and after many wearings in sweat, it doesnt smell. So many uses, it’s great for shade from sun...keeping you warm or keeping you cool. Totally worth the price - everybody needs one.
— Josh G.
Works wonders to keep me out there longer and doing what I love to do. I highly recommend this product...
— David B.

100s of Uses.




The North x North Merino Wool Kerchief is a 42” by 42” square of superfine Australian merino wool that can be used in 100s of different ways in town, on the road or trail, and in any season or climate. In short, it’s the most versatile thing you can wear.

Uses include:

  • Headwear

  • Neckwear

  • Apparel

  • Bag or carrier

  • First aid

  • Cordage

  • Insulation in the heat or cold

  • Protection from sun, wind, insects, and fire

  • And so, so much more...

The Nature of Wool

In the backcountry, cotton kills and synthetics stink. Wool has proven itself over eons of natural selection to be one of Nature's best materials. From the sands of the desert to the frost of the tundra, no other material matches merino wool's combined natural qualities. And we use only the best sourced directly from Australia. So from arid to arctic environments, you can count that our merino wool's got your back.


The Better Bandana

50+ ways to use and wear

Merino Wool

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Best handkerchief hands down! Has been integrated as part of my every day carry. Used as a face mask for leaf blowing, as a beanie for my morning runs, and as an added layer of warmth for my chest during a late night out. Hand washed it only once and it dries so much faster than my shemagh and does not stink!
— Amando T.
These products are perhaps the most versatile EDC items in my arsenal. Easy to carry, stain & odor resistant & super soft & durable. Just get them. You won’t regret it!
— Sarita F.


25+ ways to use and wear

Merino Wool Hooded Neck Gaiters

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I’ve owned several neck gaiters from a few different companies for hiking, going to outdoor sporting events, and for motorcycling. This gaiter strikes a great balance for all activities.
— Gimpster
So the NxN Hooded Neck Gaiter is AMAZING! Lightweight, breathable, versatile, and very easy to use. For being wool it’s really soft, nice to touch to the skin.
— Chad D.

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Sewn in the USA

Every one of our products are hand sewn to perfection right here in the US. We work closely with a second generation-owned sewing factory that has done nothing but that for over 25 years. Help support American manufacturing jobs with your purchase.

*FREE shipping applies to US orders only.

*FREE shipping applies to US orders only.